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What “Pseudo Journalism” is

you write what you're told

Mind this: pseudo journalism is just an elaborate expression that is equivalent to “propaganda“.

It might may come from sloppy work or plain ignorance, but it always serves someone’s purpose, and it never is in society’s best interest.

It can be about pseudo-science, a story favoring one kind of politicians or just the fluff piece that gets more promotion and space over true news – you know, the ones that really have an impact on people’s lives.  Pseudo journalism skews the audience’s perspective on what is really important for them.

You as an editor may think your audience is stupid and you should serve them what they want. Societies don’t evolve without critical thinking. Every time you dumb journalism down, you’re taking a civilizational step back. Journalism is about feeding people with the information they need.

If you’re doing something else , you’re in the entertainment business. And you’re part of the problem you should be tackling.