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Why i’m not enthusiastic about NewsTilt

paper on a scree

NewsTilt is a new project that claims to be “the platform for the new model of journalism, centered around the journalist.” They “help journalists find their audiences” and “help readers find the best independent journalism on the web.” It’s an interesting idea but not amazing.

Content may be good, and there are a few good stories in there, but it all looks a bit too much like “paper on a screen”.The image they used doesn’t help to change that idea (on the left).

And they also say they will help journalists build their brand leaving the “writing and reporting” to journalists. Well, if you are promoting writers, it’s ok, if you are promoting a “new model of journalism” then it’s not enough.

Where is the Multimedia, the digital works? Is this a venue for the old journalism? A window for laid off writers? It all seems lacking consistency.

NewsTilt falls short of what a journalist centered project should be in 2010. It may tilt things a bit, but i don’t expect any major shift from them.