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Portfolio – Invasive plants Interactive map

One of the goals I set for the science communication  project where I was working was to build some interactive features. I built this phenological calendar and, more recently, an interactive map.

This map shows the origins of the most important invasive plant species in Portugal, and some Portuguese native plants that are invasive in other regions. It’s a simple, straightforward project , directed to a younger audience.

I used two different tools to build this. The navigation and content support is taken from the Fullscreen Pageflip Layout, as seen on Codrops, one of the most inspiring websites I ever came across, and a must follow. I made a concession here, because I’m not a huge fan of flipping pages on a screen, but I felt it worked better that way. It all works with HTML5&CSS3 plus Javascript wizardry.

The map was built with amMaps, a Javascript library package, that had just the right solution for this. I must send a shout out for their impeccable support, they were just awesome. Their maps can be used in so many different ways it made me want to use amMaps again for other projects. Try them out, and look at amCharts too. As a Javascript noob I thought it would be more complicated, but it was easier than I expected to build the map.

The flags’ sections were handmade by me and I got to apply some CSS expertise. One thing that I learned though, not all flags have the same proportions: some are wider than others. Go figure.

If you missed the two links to the map at the top, follow this one, and let me know what you think about it.


Map Madeira #tempmad


I’ve been working on this map for a while now about the storm and landslides in Madeira. I managed to help some media in Portugal, and beat most of them. So far there are 31 deads, and 60 injured, but the numbers are expected to rise. Work in progress, and it can be embedded anywhere.

Meanwhile, Público, one of the most important newspapers in Portugal, asked to use my map.


Jornal de Noticias, another major newspaper, is also using the map

More pics and videos

Fotos + Videos






Gregório Cunha

MAYOMO.COM: Citizen Journalism in a map | Jornalismo do cidadão no mapa

Iran Protest @ MaYoMo | Os protestos no Irão @ MaYoMo
Iran Protests @ MaYoMo | Os protestos no Irão @ MaYoMo

There is a new website dedicated to user generated content. The name is MaYoMo, and basically pushes users videos into a map. MaYoMo has been around for a while, but they are launching today their new media platform and website.

At the same time they are calling all Journalism students and freelancers to show off their work in the platform and define it “as an outlet for students to post breaking local news stories in their own cities or regions, and news-analysis and commentary on broader global news and issues.

According to the press releaseaccess to all content on the MaYoMo web site is free. Students can easily create an account, and start contributing content and uploading photos, video, and other media assets — from a variety of devices, including video-enabled phones.” But it has a shared advertising revenue model, that creates “income opportunities for professional and student journalists around the world.

Besides the geolocation options, there is another interesting feature: the time window selection, since we can select videos within a determined period of time, which is good if you’re interested in specific ongoing events like the riots in Iran two months ago.

Há um novo site dedicado a conteúdos criados por utilizadores. O nome é MaYoMo, e basicamente coloca videos num mapa. O MaYoMo já existe há algum tempo, mas lançam hoje a sua nova plataforma de media e o seu site renovado.

Ao mesmo tempo eles apelam aos estudantes de Jornalismo e freelancers para mostrarem o seu trabalho na plataforma e definem-na “como uma montra para estudantes mostrarem notícias de última hora sobre as suas próprias cidades ou regiões, e análises noticiosas e comentários em assuntos  e notícias globais“.

De acordo com o press-releaseo acesso a todos os conteúdos no site do MaYoMo é grátis. Os estudantes podem facilmente criar uma conta e começar a contribuir com conteúdos e colocar fotos, videos e outros formatos de media – a partir de uma variedade de dispositivos como telefones com video.” Mas tem um modelo de partilha de recietas de publicidade, que cria “possibilidades de receita para conteúdos de profissionais e estudantes do mundo inteiro.

Para além do mapa, existe outra opção interessante: a janela temporal, já que podemos escolher videos dentro de um determinado período de tempo, o que ajuda se estivermos à procura de acontecimentos específicos que se desenrolaram por alguns dias, como as manifestações no Irão há dois meses atrás.

via Paul Bradshaw