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Why i’m not enthusiastic about NewsTilt

paper on a scree

NewsTilt is a new project that claims to be “the platform for the new model of journalism, centered around the journalist.” They “help journalists find their audiences” and “help readers find the best independent journalism on the web.” It’s an interesting idea but not amazing.

Content may be good, and there are a few good stories in there, but it all looks a bit too much like “paper on a screen”.The image they used doesn’t help to change that idea (on the left).

And they also say they will help journalists build their brand leaving the “writing and reporting” to journalists. Well, if you are promoting writers, it’s ok, if you are promoting a “new model of journalism” then it’s not enough.

Where is the Multimedia, the digital works? Is this a venue for the old journalism? A window for laid off writers? It all seems lacking consistency.

NewsTilt falls short of what a journalist centered project should be in 2010. It may tilt things a bit, but i don’t expect any major shift from them.

“The best and most influential reporters are becoming brand names”

Just a quick thought:

Journalists are embracing the tools of social media to create online personas. They are breaking free of the constraints of traditional media to blog and tweet everything from deep thoughts to random musings to personal information that was considered verboten not too many years ago.

Not everyone can be a one man media conglomerate, but reporters are encouraged by their editors to be more transparent and accessible to readers offering new opportunities for engagement. Brand name reporters are far more accessible than their counterparts in the era of old media. You now have multiple avenues to get to know the most important reporters covering your business. Keep track of their musings through various social media tools and connect with them when appropriate.

A reporter’s tweet can become an entry point for a conversation outside of the usual give-and-take dictated by a breaking news story.

A world without newspapers

by David Schneiderman

Some other good ideas can found there.

Poll: Does the card make the Journalist? | Sondagem: A Carteira faz o jornalista?

Carteira profissional, revalidada, chegou hoje
J card in Portugal | Um cartão profissional (do P.Jerónimo)

The card shown above belongs to a friend of mine, and it is the solid evidence that he is a journalist. But, does he need it? The card is given by a commitee, that works more like a club than like a professional association: there are standards to comply and we need sponsors to have one of these, to be working as a journalist and getting paid for the last year, and if we stop working we have to ask for it again.

Reality check: many journalists are working on their own and freelancing, or temporarily at news companies because the “industry” is going down the drain. I have a degree in journalism, what if i start my own news website? Will i be recognized by the commitee as a journalist? And why would i need that?

The question is: is this system any good? Yes,no,why?

The owner of this card pointed to this new website that wishes to tackle this issue.

O cartão acima é de um amigo meu, e é a prova concreta de que ele é jornalista. Mas, será que ele precisa? A carteira é atribuída por uma comissão, que funciona mais como um clube do que como uma associação profissional: há requisitos a cumprir, e precisamos de patrocinadores (padrinhos…), estar a trabalhar e ser pago há um ano, e se interrompermos a actividade, repetir a candidatura.

A realidade: muitos jornalistas estão a trabalhar por conta própria e como freelancers, ou temporariamente em empresas porque a “indústria” está ir pela pia abaixo.Tenho um curso de jornalismo, e se começar um meu próprio site de informação? Serei reconhecido pela comissão como jornalista? E porque preciso de o ser?

A questão é: será este sistema útil? Sim, não, porquê?

O dono deste cartão apontou para este site que pretende discutir este assunto.

Leave your answers and comments | Deixem as vossas respostas e comentários

[poll id=”2″]

Journo Social Networks | Redes Sociais para Jornalistas

One of the fundamental abilities that journalists must have is to network, and this was already important even before “social networking” became geek talk. And if a local bar was the place where journos could rub shoulders and socialize, now they can engage in discussions about journalism just by signing up with journo’s social networks, with a worldwide scope.

Emily Sweeney shared a list with some of those networks, but i’d like to highlight a few. Heading Sweeney’s list is WiredJournalists, a Ryan Sholin’s endeavor that has been around for some time now. Recently it has been acquired by Publish2, another project lead by Sholin and has changed some of it’s rules and features, making it 100% journalist oriented. I am one of the early members and i can tell you it has been a great experience, it’s a common ground for learning, asking and sharing stuff about journalism with other pros, J-teachers and students.

And if you’re a student i’d reccomend two other projects to get involved with: #CollegeJourn, an ongoing web conversation  that intends “to provide a meaningful and resourceful forum of conversation for college journalists.” Last debate resulted in a reporting assignement open to Journalism students, and with the support of the HelpMeInvestigate platform. You can have the details here.

Another network for journalism students is GlobalStudentJournalists.net, a project developed by Anna Rodrigues at Durham College in Oshawa, Canada. Rodrigues, who’s a Professor at Durham, describes the project as “a social media network where student journalists from around the world can connect. The network allows students from any journalism program in the world to become a member and upload their work – video, audio, images etc – to the site for other students to see and comment on.” I believe it needs some improving but it’s a good idea.

In Portugal i’d recommend Jornalist.as, still in beta, but that aims to aggregate journalism related contents by and for portuguese speaking journalists.

Do you know other social networks specifically for Journalists? Share them with us.

Uma das características fundamentais que um jornalista deve ter é de se saber relacionar, e isto já era importante antes do conceito de rede social ser um termo geek. E se o bar da terra era o sítio onde os jornalistas se encontravam e socializavam entre si, agora podem participar em discussões sobre jornalismo, inscrevendo-se em redes sociais para jornalistas, com abrangência global.

Emily Sweeney partilhou uma lista com algumas dessas redes, mas gostava de destacar algumas. No topo da lista de Sweeney está a WiredJournalists, uma iniciativa de Ryan Sholin que já existe há já algum tempo. Recentemente a rede foi adquirida pela Publish2, outro projecto liderado por Sholin, alterando algumas das suas regras para que seja orientada 100% para jornalistas. Sou um dos membros mais antigos e posso vos dizer que tem sido uma óptima experiência, é um espaço para aprender, perguntar e partilhar coisas sobre jornalismo com outros profissionais, professores e estudantes de Jornalismo.

E se forem estudantes gostava de recomendar outros dois projectos: #CollegeJourn, uma discussão em tempo real que pretende “fornecer um espaço de conversação rico e significativo para estudantes universitários.” O último debate gerou uma proposta de reportagem aberta a estudantes de Jornalismo e com o apoio da plataforma HelpMeInvestigate. Podem ler os detalhes aqui.

Outra rede para estudantes de Jornalismo é a GlobalStudentJournalists.net,um projecto desenvolvido por Anna Rodrigues no Durham College em Oshawa, Canada. Rodrigues é professora em Durham, e descreve o projecto como “uma rede social de media onde estudantes de jornalismo do mundo inteiro se podem ligar. A rede permite aos estudantes de qualquer curso de Jornalismo no mundo fazerem-se membros e mostrarem o seu trabalho aos outros estudantes  – em video, audio, imagens, etc- no site , para que o vejam  e comentem.” Acho que ainda precisa de algumas melhorias mas é uma boa ideia.

Em Portugal recomendaria o Jornalist.as,ainda em beta, mas que procura agregar conteúdos relacionos com jornalismo por e para jornalistas de língua portuguesa.

Conhecem outras redes sociais para jornalistas? Partilhem-nas connosco.

Portuguese Journalists on Twitter and @JayRosen_nyu’s List | Jornalistas Portugueses no Twitter e a Lista de Rosen

Who are the top portuguese journalists on Twitter? Who is more popular, chatty or has a better following/follower relation? Tireless João Simão, teacher at UTAD (by the way, check his new project of live video interviews using Twitter) did an analisys on who are the journalists on Twitter, using data from TwitterPortugal, and came up with a top 25 list.

It’s a nice crowd, and you should be following at least some of them.

Quem são os jornalistas portugueses que estão no Twitter? quem é mais popular, falador ou tem uma melhor relação seguidores/seguidor? O incansável João Simão da UTAD (já agora, vejam o seu novo projecto de entrevistas video em directo usando o Twitter) fez uma análise dos jornalistas no Twitter usando dados do TwitterPortugal, e criou um top 25.

É um grupo porreiro e deviam seguir pelo menos alguns deles.

Know anyone? | Conhecem alguém?
Know anyone? | Conhecem alguém?

After this analisys was published i got a whole new batch of followers (thank you all), but my major source of tweeple lately has been Jay Rosen’s “600” list. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for media related tweets.

(shameless self promotion moment, so sorry for that…)

Depois desta análise ter sido publicada ganhei um monte de followers (obrigado a todos), mas a minha maior fonte de seguidores nos últimos tempos tem sido a lista dos “600” de Jay Rosen. Recomendo-a a quem quer tweets relacionados com media.

(momento desavergonhado de auto-promoção, as minhas desculpas…)

The "600"...well, some... |  Os "600"...bem, alguns...
The "600"...well, some... | Os "600"...bem, alguns...