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Online is not television

That’s what I have been saying, but no…

Creating compelling television, it turned out, meant more than putting talking heads around a table. It required millions of dollars, new innovations, and, most important, experienced producers and compelling on-air talent…

“Is video alone going to save newspapers? Absolutely not,” said Bruce Headlam, managing editor of Times video. “A lot of newspaper people quite comfortably make fun of television people, but it’s very hard and very expensive to do what CNN, Fox, MSNBC do.”

Why isn’t live video working for news sites?

Authors of amazing Interactive Doc “Hollow” explain how they did it

When I started going through “Hollow” (can’t find a better verb, “watching” is not what I did) I was amazed with the amount of elements it has. Imagine a dynamic collage of audio, stills, images, data and video, divided in six different chapters, each one including short but deep, well crafted video stories.

In a nutshell, it’s a story about the rise and fall of McDowell County, West Virginia, USA. The remaining inhabitants of this now decadent area show their lives in this empty land, while making ends meet and trying to resurrect their towns.

Its makers, Director and Producer Elaine McMillion, Sound Designer Billy Wirasnik, Technical Director and Senior Developer Robert Hall and Art Director/Designer and Architect Jeff Soyk, held  a Hangout where they talked about this project, their sucesses and failures.

I’d like to highlight Billy Wirasnik’s advice : “Don’t forget about sound!”. This project relies a lot in natural soundscapes and music tracks, which adds a whole new dimension to the story. Try it without sound and you’ll see what I mean.

Another thing you should notice is that you have to watch some videos to unlock extra  features. It’s a way to reward the users who explore the most.

There is a lot to learn from the mechanics and looks of this interactive doc, especially the mix of still and dynamic visual elements, pushed forward by html5/css3/js cogwheels, and the awesome video narrative.  A must “scroll through” (?!?).

Check out Elaine McMillion’s blog to watch the Hangout videos and access the links they mentioned and other assorted tools and tips for storytellers.

Here’s the trailer for “Hollow”:

Text in video – How to

SG Collins, an Amsterdam based video producer,  shared his views on how to use text on a screen for moving images

I always had problems with the right way to use text in video:the right font; the right size. color and background for it; will it have motion and how to make it more appealing; all those questions that bring my design and typography weaknesses up front and center (which is not many times the right way to use screen text).

This 10 minute video presents the experience based perspective of this videographer and I believe every one who has to put a single word, title, caption, credits or whatever on top of moving images should watch this. This is not a upbeat, fast paced tutorial, because Mr.Collins is a particular fellow (I’ve been following his videos for a while now and I enjoy how personal he can get) but it’s a information packed, insightful product. And quite soothing too, he should do another video about background sounds.

Enjoy it.



Portfolio | Video: Victor Bertier Design


A video with a commercial objective, for an interior design store. This shows the construction of one of their products.

Need steadicam gear, but the filter on it looks good.


Um video com objectivos comerciais para uma loja de design de interiores. Podemos ver aqui o processo de construção de um dos seus produtos.

Preciso de material para steadicam, mas o filtro que lhe pus em cima fica porreiro




video #portfolio: Two platforms, one artist | Duas plataformas, um artista

Shot two videos with Nuno Prata, hosted in Vimeo and YouTube. Main differences:

  • Youtube was faster, has more virality;
  • Vimeo looks better, takes longer to make the video available for free accounts;

I believe they can be used side by side, depending on your goal: for portfolio purposes I prefer Vimeo, but to get the message out quickly I’d use YouTube, which is a service most people relate to.

What are your other favorite video hosting services of choice?


Fiz dois videos com o  Nuno Prata, alojei um no Vimeo e outro no Youtube. Diferenças:

  • o YouTube é mais rápido, tem mais viralidade;
  • o Vimeo tem melhor aspecto, mas com contas gratuitas demora mais tempo a disponibilizar o video;

Acho que ambos podem ser usados em simultâneo, depende é do vosso objectivo: para portfolio prefiro o Vimeo, mas para passar a mensagem depressa usaria o YouTube, que é um serviço com que a maioria das pessoas está mais à vontade.

Que outros serviços de alojamento de video preferem?