Visual representations of online traffic for Portuguese news websites

I’ve been working on my assignment for the Online Journalism module, where we are supposed to experiment with different ways of presenting information. Since i was already looking into this data, i decided to try ManyEyes to produce three different charts for online traffic of Portuguese news websites.

They are not visually outstanding, but i think they convey a pretty good notion how the online universe is organized in Portugal. The three values i used were Visits, Pageviews and the relationship between those two. This first tree map shows how much space each website takes, and you can select different sets of values in the drop down menu below.


But my goal was to highlight just the most important newspapers. So i highlighted them in a bubble chart:


But what i really wanted  was how to measure success. Do more visits and pageviews mean the product is more compelling? I tried something else:


We can see that the bulk of the audience engages more with specialized, leisure publications, and that the outliers in terms of visits and pegeviews are not “page turners”, so to speak.

What conclusions do you draw from these representations (besides that i’m not that good at it)?

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