Time is of the essence

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I’m depressed. Looking at my blog these days makes me feel that way, because i owe so much to it. And when i look at the wonderful stuff other people are posting it gets worse. Not that I would be able to write awesome posts everyday, i wish i could nail one once a week, but it’s like when i was a kid and watched all the other kids play outside, behind the curtains, because i was grounded.

But no one is punishing me these days for misbehaving, it’s just it has been too much stuff going on. I’m reading and trying to do more stuff for the MA, and at the same time i’m trying to make some money, and i’m starting something now i hope to tell you all about it soon. Unless i give up sleeping there’s no way i can write good stuff for you. My hope is after these two deadlines due next Friday things get better. Because i need to blog for all of my readers, and i have been sticking to the english speakers. I don’t have time to write a good post and then translate it, sorry. I also have a weekly column about media in a Portuguese website, and that’s the only thing i get to do when it comes to writing, apart from the occasional article for Journalism.co.uk (making interviews in Spanish, which is not my first language and then getting them back to English).

The MA is an almost full time job, and i have three more part times on the side to make a living. So forgive me if i have been away recently. I don’t like to shove a dozen links down your throat everyday and think i can get away with it, because i don’t. You deserve more from me, but my priorities have been elsewhere recently. Automatization is a fallacy.

If look at the picture you can see how my life is organized: four major tasks (one was the blog, but i had to leave it empty), with the MA modules on top, and the priority part-time below, then the other two jobs, and the project for the last term. I have to plan two weeks ahead to be comfortable, and i don’t have much room for setbacks. Many of you will say “So what?”. You’re right. I’m not whining, i’ve never been so happy about work in my life, there are lots of things going wrong, but i’m feeling great. There is no other place i want to be right now, and the prospects are looking good. I feel privileged for being here, and doing what i am doing. I just don’t have time for everything.

So if you have suggestions, ideas, thoughts or just want to say hi, i’d appreciate that, i spend too much time in front a computer these days, so this is truly a window to the world. Feel free to look in. Now i have to get back to work.

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