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#MAProject: Visualization experiment with Portugal’s Expenses and Jit

So the deadline is approaching fast to deliver my final assignment and finally finish my MA. I’ve been trying out lots of different types of visualizations, especially under the guidance of Nathan Yau’s Visualize This, which I recommend  because it has a great practical side to understand data visualizations and how to start building them.

I have been taking a self inflicted crash course on Excel, Google Refine, JSON, ScraperWiki and Java, not to mention R, Protovis, Processing and other assorted tools, trying not to build readable charts but also making the interactive without resorting to Flash. During my quest for interactive tools I rediscovered Jit, which can be a great starting point to have interesting types of data visualization.

In this specific situation I used data referring the executive expenses of the Portuguese Government in the first half of this year, and worked around the Sunburst model available on Jit. I had to work two different levels of data with JSON to get these two dependent rings. Ia also thought about doing it as a Treemap, but this seemed to be more clear.  It’s still a mockup but you’ll get the idea (hopefully).

Click on the image to check the vis and let me hear from you.

jit visualization sunburst portuguese expenses