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Crowdthinking: Screw the #iPad! I need a #JPad! (…with some nifty apps)

Can I have one but in digital?

Forget the tablet presented by Jobs this week (I won’t even dignify it by placing a link to the damn thing). Looks cool, but it has failures that make it unusable for a pro use (or amateur, as far as I’m concerned).  As journalists, we need nothing like the over-hyped iPad. We need a powerful tool to gather, edit and webcast our work. So the challenge is this: let’s all chip in and share what device or apps we could use in our everyday job, and that don’t exist yet. I bet there’s a lot of ideas out there.

So, we could start with a tablet-like multitasking device, with ins and outs for audio, video, usb/firewire, with a decent camera and a cheap table stand so i could use a real keyboard whenever i wanted but keeping the touch screen features. It had to be  so resistant that i could stand on it and use it as a scale, with an app telling me how many jogging sessions i missed in the previous weeks. You could say a note-book would do (except for the scale part) but I’m aiming at the tablet format.

I’d like it to be voice controlled, and have a lot of battery life; i could use it as a notepad using a pen on the screen, and have augmented reality features. I’ll leave the other features to you.


Well, i have two that would be great for me:

1) a Voice Recognition Audio/Text editor

I hate to transcribe every single word from an audio recording, and I’m also really slow taking notes. So, what about some voice recognition magic, that would  get every little word out to text format, while recording the audio, and the timeline for editing that audio would be words themselves. Not getting  it? You’d edit the statements like a Word doc, but if you chose a paragraph you’d have the audio associated to that specific bit ready to export. And send it immediately for publishing.

2)  A drag and drop device to device file manager

I’m sorry to say, but it’s not possible to be with your head in the cloud all the time. I’d like an app that would allow me to connect two devices easily and drag and drop files, extracts from text documents, whatever, just by dragging them from one device to another, no wires, no weird configurations needed.

Well, these were two i remembered when i suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. Have you any other ideas? What would be the perfect digital JournoNotebook of the future, and what apps do you need? Let’s put our minds together and if we come up with really good ideas, maybe they’ll do it, who knows.  The suggestion, i mean , comment box awaits you below.