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Timeline: how the Guardian did what I wanted to do

I once defended timelines as a great way to tell a story and to provide context to the facts. I also defended that news companies should be aware of their archives, and the value they have. Well, the Guardian used both to document two years of Blitz, on the 60th birthday of the beginning of the German bombings.

Guardian's timeline with archive referrals

Basically, this is a slideshow with a timeline navigation, with some info on the side, and some links for the original articles about that specific event. It’s a simple and very effective way to tell a story that unfolded for quite some time. Count the words of the side notes, and how they’re written: concise and clear. The link to the archives will give you the information about what happened through the voice of the journalist who witnessed it, lived it, more thoroughly. How many other stories could rehash these bits of History? Could journalists be a bit more like historians, also looking into a more distant past instead of focusing on the now?

This is just another new journalistic narrative, and one that could only work online. More, one that grabs all the potential of the medium. How do you feel about this type of narratives?