Medium is out


And it looks really good. Medium is the new hybrid blogging platform created by Ev Williams. Still a bit buggy, and look at the template – you’ll see a lot of that soon –  it’s really cool. It’s not really a blogging platform, it’s simpler than that, and different from Twitter or Blogger (references needed since Ev Williams runs the show, and you login with Twitter) but kinda in between those two.

It’s a KISS interface, clean yet highly visual for a text based tool, and I’ll be definitely using  it for my essaying efforts. Another feature that could prove to be interesting is its organization in collections: besides my private “My Essays” collection – to which only I can contribute, I started another called “I Sing my Body Digital“, tag lined “Musings and opinions about what it means to be human in a digital world”, open to contributors, i.e., if you write about it you can add your …erm… “post” to it.

It’s not Tumblr, and I bet it will attract a lot of niche types too and a lot of high quality content. Worth trying out.

More concretely, Medium is a system for reading and writing. A place where you can find and share knowledge, ideas, and stories—specifically, ones that need more than 140 characters and are not just for your friends. It’s a place where you can work with others to create something better than you can on your own.

Medium is being built for everyone, but because we’re still testing and rolling out new features, creating content is limited to a small list (which we’re expanding on a daily basis).

Ev Williams, Welcome to Medium

Visual CV / Resume

click on the image to see my brilliant resume

Here’s a nifty tool to create an appealing visual resume. It’s called Vizify and you can use it for free. All you have to do is connect to your main social networks and tweak the info a bit.

By the way, I’m looking for work in digital/multimedia/interactive contents after the summer, queries are welcome.

Timeline: A short history of online journalism and the internet

Andy Dickinson updated his timeline of  major events for online journalism. It is a great resource to understand how fast things have evolved and got bigger than many expected.  It’s a great walk down Memory Lane, more intense than long, and it helps you put the whole business in perspective: lolcats, viral videos and hashtags haven’t been here forever. The road is long, still.

timeline andydickinson


Infographic: Flowering periods of invasive species – Calendar

working draft of the calendar. click on the image for larger version

Calendars can be wonderful, and not just misunderstood objects of impending doom. Time is a measure that has been designed so many times it is hard to come up with new, interesting ideas. There are many ways to visually present a one year period and the contained events, and this is my attempt to convey a specific cyclic phenomenon.

This is a list of invasive plant species in Portugal, and their flowering cycle. The colors represent the main flower color, or its approximate tone. It needs some work, and I really want to add some interactivity to it, so I’m open to suggestions.

bits, hands and feeds on digital media