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Portuguese deputy doesn’t like the questions and takes reporter’s recorders

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Ricardo Rodrigues, a Portuguese parliament deputy, was being interviewed by two journalists from Sábado magazine, and after being questioned about its connection (or lack of) to a pedophilia case in Azores and a financial scam – his name was involved in rumours, but was never charged – he decided enough was enough and got up and left the room, taking the journalist’s audio recorders on its way out. Fortunately he forgot about the camera.

The journalists filed a complaint for theft and menace to freedom of press, while the deputy asked for a court order, based on the argument that he was under “unbearable psychological violence” caused by the “harassment and false assumptions” on the part of the journalists. In a press conference he admitted that his actions were “rash”.

Rodrigues is a deputy for the majority party (Portuguese Socialist Party) and was an attorney, being also one of the party’s voices in Justice issues. This is just another in a string of incidents involving the majority party and the press. The Prime Minister has been accused of meddling in the management of a private station, a matter that is currently under investigation by a hearing commission.


Portuguese public television report

Poll: Does the card make the Journalist? | Sondagem: A Carteira faz o jornalista?

Carteira profissional, revalidada, chegou hoje
J card in Portugal | Um cartão profissional (do P.Jerónimo)

The card shown above belongs to a friend of mine, and it is the solid evidence that he is a journalist. But, does he need it? The card is given by a commitee, that works more like a club than like a professional association: there are standards to comply and we need sponsors to have one of these, to be working as a journalist and getting paid for the last year, and if we stop working we have to ask for it again.

Reality check: many journalists are working on their own and freelancing, or temporarily at news companies because the “industry” is going down the drain. I have a degree in journalism, what if i start my own news website? Will i be recognized by the commitee as a journalist? And why would i need that?

The question is: is this system any good? Yes,no,why?

The owner of this card pointed to this new website that wishes to tackle this issue.

O cartão acima é de um amigo meu, e é a prova concreta de que ele é jornalista. Mas, será que ele precisa? A carteira é atribuída por uma comissão, que funciona mais como um clube do que como uma associação profissional: há requisitos a cumprir, e precisamos de patrocinadores (padrinhos…), estar a trabalhar e ser pago há um ano, e se interrompermos a actividade, repetir a candidatura.

A realidade: muitos jornalistas estão a trabalhar por conta própria e como freelancers, ou temporariamente em empresas porque a “indústria” está ir pela pia abaixo.Tenho um curso de jornalismo, e se começar um meu próprio site de informação? Serei reconhecido pela comissão como jornalista? E porque preciso de o ser?

A questão é: será este sistema útil? Sim, não, porquê?

O dono deste cartão apontou para este site que pretende discutir este assunto.

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