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#Jeecamp unconference

Today i’m at #JEECamp, the unconference about journalism organized by Paul Bradshaw. So far we had Simon Waldman, from the Guardian Media Group, and four breakout discussion groups that debated from business models to newsgathering and production. To have a better idea of what is going on here at The Bond, just follow the #jeecamp tag on Twitter or go to OJB for liveblogging or at JEECamp Tumblr. Soon i’ll share with you more links covering the event.

Call for papers

The ObCiber – Observatório do Ciberjornalismo (Observatory of Cyberjournalism) invites submissions for its II International Congress on Cyberjournalism – December 09-10, 2010 – in the University of Porto, Portugal, under the general themes of “Business models to journalism on the Internet” and “Social networks and cyberjournalism”.

Paper proposal – either in Portuguese, Spanish or English – should be sent to The 500 words abstract should include the topic and its relevance, the hypothesis or main argument, conceptual and methodological framework, expected results and up to 5 keywords. There are to be no biographical notes or references within the abstract which must be accompanied by a separate cover letter, for blind review purposes, only with the author(s) name(s), institutional affiliation(s) and postal and e-mail address(es).


The deadline for the submission of abstracts is July 15, 2010.
You will be informed whether or not your abstract is accepted by September 15, 2010.
The deadline for full papers is October 31, 2010. The most outstanding papers delivered at the Congress will be considered for publication in the journal –

Early registration deadline:

Registration Fees:
• Early Registration (September 30): General 30€; Papers authors 25€; students 10€; UPorto students 5€
• Late Registration (November 30): General 40€; Papers authors 35€; students 20€; UPorto students 5€

A organização do II Congresso Internacional de Ciberjornalismo,marcado para 09 e 10 de Dezembro de 2010 na Universidade do Porto, convida os investigadores interessados a remeter, até 15 de Julho, propostas de comunicações a apresentar no Congresso.

As comunicações deverão versar sobre Ciberjornalismo, com especial preferência pelos tópicos deste II Congresso:
– Modelos de negócio para o jornalismo na Internet
– Redes sociais e ciberjornalismo

As propostas devem ser enviadas para, em Português, Espanhol ou Inglês. Cada proposta deve contemplar uma descrição de 400 a 500 palavras, que inclua, designadamente, o tópico e relevância do mesmo, hipótese ou argumento, moldura conceptual e metodológica, resultados previstos e até 5 palavras-chave. Cada proposta deve ser acompanhada de uma folha de rosto separada, para blind-review, apenas com nome(s), filiação institucional e endereços postal e electrónico do(s) autor(es).

As propostas serão avaliadas pelos membros da Comissão Científica do Congresso, devendo o resultado ser comunicado a todos os autores até 15 de Setembro.

Os autores das propostas aprovadas comprometem-se a enviar as comunicações completas até 31 de Outubro. As melhores comunicações serão publicadas na revista –

As taxas de inscrição são iguais às praticadas no I Congresso –

O Congresso é organizado pelo Observatório do Ciberjornalismo (ObCiber) e pelo Centro para as Ciências da Comunicação (C2COM) da Universidade do Porto.

O programa do Congresso, em preparação, incluirá intervenções, já confirmadas, dos Profs. Marcos Palacios (Universidade Federal da Bahía), Elvira García de Torres (Universidad Cardenal Herrera), João Canavilhas (Universidade da Beira Interior) e Helder Bastos (Universidade do Porto).

Switch Conference – 15th and 16th of May, 2010 at University of Coimbra, Portugal

It’s in Portugal and it’s worth spreading: the second Switch Conference is just in a couple of days and there are still some tickets available . If you don’t know what it is, here’s what it’s all about:

SWITCH is a 2-day conference to be held in the University of Coimbra, Portugal , on the 15th and 16th of May, 2010. We do want, however, to make SWITCH way more than a conference. We want to make it an authentic 2-day discovering experience. Attendees will get in touch with scientists, entrepreneurs, thinkers, do-er and everyone in between to share their knowledge, their experience and their ideias aiming to create awareness on scientific and technological matters, preparing us to a better defined future and a helthier society. We want and promote earth-shaking ideas, impossible breakthroughts and incredible life stories.

The conference will take place on a weekend to let those who are unable to leave work for the whole week to attend the conference sharing their experience and vision.

SWITCH will have a main room where presentations will fully run from day 1 to day 2, a second room where the startup competition and deep discussions will take place and, finally, outside areas when all sort of fun activities will take place and where partners and sponsors stands will be located.

SWITCH main theme will be “Web & Development” but our bet is on diversity. Diversity of cultures, ideas, discussions, persons and, of course, themes. You can find the full list of topics for this year’s conference here.

In the 2nd Room will take place the startup competition hosted by Webreakstuff. We want to act as a plattaform for networking, but also as as a way for you to meet with investors and to make your business project known by the crowd. The startup competition will sort out the best startups around and promote them with investors and media.

Grab your tickets while you can.

Yesterday’s presentation at Porto’s University | Apresentação de ontem na U.Porto


So i was invited this week to give a talk to the Cyberjournalism seminar students at Porto University, and it wasn’t that bad.

I took the opportunity to present two ideas that i have and that are still under development: “The Upward Spiral- an information flow model” and “New properties of news contents”. I’ll develop these concepts sometime soon here in the blog.

I must thank the students who beared with and Helder Bastos, their teacher, for inviting me.

Ontem fui dar uma pequena palestra aos alunos de Ciberjornalismo na Universidade do Porto e não correu assim tão mal.

Aproveitei a oportunidade para apresentar duas ideias que tenho e que ainda estão em desenvolvimento: “A espiral ascendente- um modelo de fluxo informativo” e “Novas propriedades de conteúdos noticiosos”. Eu irei desenvolver estes conceitos em breve aqui no blog.

Queria agradecer aos alunos que me aturaram e ao Hélder Bastos por me ter convidado.