Staying alive

Me, over a year ago. Now I have curtains.

It’s been a while. It seems it took some life changing decisions and a global pandemic to get me back here. Not isolation though. The current state of affairs has just complicated my shopping and eliminated cafe life. Apart from that, all is well, actually.

Those who followed me knew my subject of choice was online journalism. Due to career reasons, external factors and personal issues, I quit journalism long ago. It’s a shitty job made by wonderful, interesting people sadly obfuscated by shitty professionals, by cheap manipulators, the wannabes and the clueless. Business as usual. Journalism is not the glamorous profession I thought it was when I was younger and only the hard working, honest few keep my respect for the job.

It’s not the cesspool it was once, but it is still a people grinding machine, in which I never belonged, so I quit. I have a story to write about this, maybe someday.

I moved to Science Communication, worked as communication officer for a botanical garden, and took on copy writing. Best choice ever.

I’m not getting rich doing it, but I manage. I get to work from home, avoid office people, commuting and life in a far too expensive city. Quality of life is key, and my ambition for a long time has been to live well, at peace, enjoying the small things.

Now that I’ve got you up to speed, I’ll move on to the purpose of this post.

Since RSS feeds became something complicated to automate to blogs and Facebook became a egotistical, profile data mining, moronic soap box from which rivers of stupidity spurt out in cascades of mental diarrhea, I gave up curating the amazing content I found on my daily readings.

My Twitter profile still works as a curation tool but, sometimes, Twitter smells even worse than Zuckerberg’s den.

But I miss blogging, and sharing my ideas with others. The Internet changed my life for the better. What we’re going through now is something we can deal with and survive because we have this amazing tool at our disposal. So I want to get back on it and have a space where like minded people can riff on the stuff I share.

Another reason is that I need a place to reflect publicly about a lot of concepts, thoughts, ideas. Why publicly? It’s all about accountability. Anything I share is published in result of a committed effort to reflect on it and developed upon.

Blogging to make thoughts clearer. That’s what Dave Winer does on his blog, and I miss that process of public note taking and comment. Social networks are not the best option for that.

I also have some parallel projects going on: I’ll be starting a long due podcast about words and writing (now that I’ve announced it I can’t but to stop postponing it) and create an online presence for my copy writing activity.

I also have the need to write more stories, which is odd for a guy who already spends most of his day writing. You see, it’s always words for others, never for me.

I feel we are at one of the most exciting times of all human existence. Yes, there’s a plague, we have buffoons and fascists in high places, people are still dying in power/money/hatred fueled wars. But we can do this: to connect beyond our most limited geographical space.

Communication is my thing. The plan is to do it here again, whenever I need it.

I’ll be back soon maybe with a few suggestions. For now I don’t believe a newsletter is something important, but it is a possibility. Still working out the potential blogging can have for me now it didn’t have when I started doing it in 2007.

Yeah, the time when phones weren’t that smart. See you soon.

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