Video: Teaching the drums

This Sunday was spent editing a video for a multimedia package I’m doing about an independent cultural centre. My subject is Filipe, the drum teacher, and he gets to show off a bit.

The gear used was the 60D, audio by the H4N, and edited in sturdy but insufficient computer with Premiere CS4 an After Effects. The drums sound great, but the interview has that common hiss in these HDSLR, but I think I figured how to get the levels right next time. I probably went a bit overboard with color correction, maybe it’s too dark.

Let me know what you think, and wait for the coming videos and developments of this project.

The news website of the future? New portuguese project P3 presents bold layout

P3 is the name of a youth oriented news website, under the umbrella of Público, one of the reference news brands in Portugal. With a small team they tried to create a new concept that affects not only the design but also the relationship with users and functionality. They premiered around midnight this 22nd of September, and it looks really great.

I already had a sneak preview back in June and I should say I was looking forward for them to come out. Few times a new news website can be looked as a milestone in the industry, but I truly believe this is going to be one of those moments. I wish only the best to the team, where I have some friends.

Explore the website and share your thoughts about the look and feel of the layout.


More news about P3 soon.