Help me out with my #ParanoiaTimeline

My last assignment for the Online Journalism  module for this term is going to be a timeline. Well, it’s more than a timeline, because I want to create an interactive graph, that resembles a timeline, with videos, graphs, interviews, the works. But i want to do it in less than two weeks. Are you willing to help me?

The idea is to show the biggest social paranoia events, at a global scale, that happened between the end of the longest paranoia period of the 20th century – the Cold War – in 1990, and the next catastrophic “event” set for 2012 (believe me, some people are terrified over that). I have a list for Pandemics, like SARS, Mad Cow syndrome, swine flu, bird flu; Environmental, like the ozone layer and global warming; Technology includes items like Y2K; and Terrorism, a real situation that keeps our society on borderline paranoia.

As you might have noticed, most of these events were huge on the news, they affected our lives in some way, but most of them never amounted to nothing, or to not as much as the media predicted. I need your help to give depth, and sort the time windows for each one of these events, and if you can interview someone who can talk about this, or tell me about good experts in any of these fields, share information or previous works you made before about any of these subjects, I’d be most grateful, and you’ll all be credited in the assignment. Anyway, if the timeline is not finished by the established deadline, I’ll be working on it for a few more weeks. I’m building a website around this and I really want you to contribute, this is also a crowdsourcing experience.

How can you participate? For now i’m using a Public Google Wave, anyone can join in, but i have a wiki, if you want to use it instead of the Wave just send me a message. I’m thinking about opening a Facebook group, but I’m still thinking about it. I’m open to suggestions. If you know any similar projects just leave the links below in the comment box. Thank you.


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